The Beatcamp (Germany)

WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp is an international summer dance camp that offers you
high quality training as well as afternoon beach activities! Choose between various dance workshops by day and attend
a boat cruise with some of your favorite choreographers in the afternoon! For all dancers interested
in experiencing the ultimate summer dance vacation: WHOGOTSKILLZ BEAT CAMP IS THE PLACE TO BE!

WhoGotSkillz is the largest street dance community in Europe and one of the most recognizable dance brands worldwide. Based in Germany, WhoGotSkillz has fans across Europe, USA, Asia, South America and Australia. Our journey began in 2002 when we organized one of the first hip hop workshops in Europe with world-renowned Justin Timberlake’s choreographer and dancer, Marty Kudelka (USA). With over 800 dancers that took part, the story of success had begun. Today we organize dance events in over 15 European countries attended by thousands of dance enthusiasts.

After 12 years of gaining experiences in organizing dance events Europe-wide, we decided to begin a new chapter in our story. We wanted to combine the learning experience with the unique summer adventure – so in 2014 we launched the first edition of the WhoGotSkillz Beat Camp, with our motto to offer our dancers:
The ultimate summer dance experience. Our mission is to organize a high quality dance event, through which participant will gain knowledge about urban dance styles and about urban culture. We want to create the atmosphere for young people where we encourage their social integration and social interaction and promote a healthy form of the lifestyle and entertainment.

Fairplay (Poland)

Fair Play Dance Camp It’s Europe’s biggest educational dance festival, which takes place in Kraków, Poland for the past 10 years.

You will meet here top choreographers, best teachers and participants from all over the world. It’s a chance to master choreography created by the top artists and to learn techniques with elements of many different styles, like hip hop, contemporary, locking, popping, house, ragga jam etc.

FPDC is not only about classes – it’s 10 days of 24/7 amazing experience, huge amount of knowledge, motivation and high class entertainment. Dance Battles, Showcases, Themed Parties and so much more. You definitely won’t be bored here.

Fair Play Dance Camp is also known from it’s large campus that allows the participants to dance, learn, have fun and also be accommodated in one place. It’s convenient and safe, but most of all it brings everybody together and creates unforgettable atmosphere.



Summer Jam (Singapore)

First held in Singapore in March 2015, Summer Jam Dance Camp is the biggest urban dance convention in the Asia Pacific. Dancers from around the globe gather to experience world class training from an all-star line up of choreographers and dance mentors. The event doesn’t just offer intensive training but also a unique opportunity to experience fun and party with everyone that will be there, bringing together dancers from different backgrounds & dance genres.

This is hosted by  Jam Republic  & Recognize Studios, which is a network that spreads across Asia, North America, Oceania & Europe.

Summer Jam Dance Camp  will also be in conjunction with the Scape Radikal Forze Jam weekend, which is one of the biggest gatherings of B-Boys & open style dancers on the planet.

The whole event will be an amazing way to learn from the best, gain inspiration from each other while enjoying the fun party vibe this summer.

CampFabrika (Turkey)

CampFabrika is now officially on the list of the most famous and well-known dance camps in Europe. This year, CampFabrika will be held in Turkey by DansFabrika. DansFabrika, being the only dance school in the world to be partnered with Nike, has previously organized several major dance camps that have provided outstanding education in the past four years.

These camps involve Urban Dance Turkey 2018 & 2019 (UDT) and High Heels Dance Turkey 2019 (HHDT). The camp’s aim is to purely create a dance community in Turkey with its students, instructors, and partners who share the same ideals, passion and love for dancing.

UDT is the first dance camp to set foot in Turkey and also happens to be one of the most prominent. Additionally, HHDT 2019 was the first-ever high heels dance camp to premiere globally. DansFabrika keeps gathering dance lovers worldwide by providing influential education, breathtaking showcases, mind-blowing scholarships, lost-track-of-time after parties, and the opportunity to spend quality time with dancers and choreographers in the best conditions.

This year, CampFabrika will provide classes from phenomenal choreographers and

instructors, who are experts in their styles, by welcoming its participants with Turkish

hospitality, allowing them to experience Turkey’s splendid nature, cuisine and history. This event will be a life-changing opportunity to develop, learn, have fun and dance.


HDI Dance Camp is the UK’s largest Dance Intensive which takes place in London and other cities across the UK over the year.

HDI is leading the way in the UK and across the globe, providing a platform for dancers to train with some of the worlds most experienced and famous choreographers in the industry in a fun training environment.
Our main event is a Residential Dance camp run in August and then various 2-3 day Dance Intensives spread throughout the year that offer access for intermediate/advanced all the way to professional dancers with training, advice, agency options and support in improving your Dance techniques, confidence and skills.

We offer dance camps in the UK, Australia and Israel. The age range of our camps ranges from 9-14 and 15 through to early 30’s.
We want you to leave one of our events having had the best fun possible and leave a better dancer.